The Terms and conditions stated below underline the protocol followed by the Purchaser  when they have chosen to hire a part of Inkredible Sounds services.

Bookings :

A booking is only made by verbal communication or via an email. Once a request to make a booking is made Inkredible Sounds will contact you either by phone or email to send out the appropriate paperwork to finalise and confirm your booking.

Contract/Booking Form:

The booking form will be emailed to the Purchaser . Once received, it is important that you fill in the booking form asap and click submit. Please read your contract carefully as important information about your party will be needed including dates, location , start and finish times, cost and additional costs. Please fill out your contract properly, making sure all areas are filled in and it is signed. 


Additional Hours: 

The Purchaser  can request additional hours on the night of the function, any additional hours will be charged at the companies overtime rate. Permission must be granted by your DJ, venue, hall or functions manager. The DJ must have this confirmed by venue, hall or organiser verbally and payments are to be made upon this request before continuing past original timeframe.


A booking fee/Deposit is required for any services hired through Inkredible Sounds. To secure your booking this must be done within the time required on the booking form, otherwise bookings will continue to be taken for the date requested. Payment methods accepted are via credit card, cash, or bank deposit. Your balance or full payment by direct bank deposit are to be received 2 weeks prior to your function date.

If payment is not made prior to the function commencing your DJ, Uplighting, Photo, Video, or Photo Booth will not begin and your DJ or Photo Booth attendant has the right to leave your function if payment has not been made. No discounts will apply as a result of party running late due to delay with payments.

Please note all booking fees and full payments for our services are non refundable.

Service Provided:

The Purchaser  and guests can request songs at your function and we will do our best to play them for you providing we have the songs you ask for. However it is up to the DJ’s Discretion to make sure the requests are appropriate to your function.

If you would like specific songs played at your event, it is recommended a song list be emailed or added to your online profile. We will endeavour to do our best to collect songs from your list that we may not have. Be mindful your function runs for 5 hours approximately 10-15 songs an hour will be played this is not including formalities throughout the function.


Inkredible Sounds DJ’s are all experienced and capable in selecting and playing music to suit your function or event. Inkredible Sounds will provide you with a DJ which suits your function or event. Please note that a request for any of our DJs can be made to DJ your function but cannot be guaranteed if the person is required elsewhere. If this situation occurs an adjustment  will be made and a notification via a text message, pre call or email a week or two prior to your function confirming the event and your allocated DJ.


Inkredible Sounds will select the equipment & lighting appropriate for you function depending on number of guests and venue size.

It is the Purchaser s responsibility that the area and surface where the DJ sets up is at the satisfaction of your DJ. For example we will not play in any act of God or Nature where equipment is not protected, such as flooding, tornado, hurricane, fires, war, or raining condition.  . The equipment and cables must be covered at all times from direct sunlight or rain. If this is not up to the DJ Standards Inkredible Sounds have the right to send your DJ home and we will not continue with the function.

Failure of Equipment: 

In an unfortunate and unlikely event of failure of equipment we the company cannot be held accountable for any equipment failure that occurs beyond our control.

Power outages which may result in delays to reboot system, equipment damages, faults or the breakdown of equipment due to electrical or a system malfunctions cannot be helped. However we will do our best efforts to sort out the issue. No Refunds will be given for system failures beyond our control if it cannot be rectified we would be more than happy to offer you a Gift Certificate towards your next function or event. In this situation this will be the full extent of the liability and no further damages can be made to the company.

(This Includes DJ equipment, Lighting equipment, Photobooth equipment and other serice equipment)

Set up time:

Purchaser s must advise the functions manager that the DJ or Photo Booth Attendant will need access to begin set up at least 60 minutes prior to the function commencing. Approximately 60 minute set up time and approximately 45 minute pack down time. This is subject to change depending on venue circumstances for example stairs, stages, location, parking and walking distance.

No discounts are given if access is not available to the DJ or Photo Booth Attendant and set up time runs late. The Purchaser  must still pay the full amount.

Health and Safety: It is the Purchaser 's duty that the DJ or Photo Booth Attendant will be provided with a safe working environment.

If your DJ due to unforeseen circumstances is unable to DJ your event another DJ will be assigned to your function. In the unlikely event that a DJ is not available, a full refund will be given if payment has already been made.

However availability, prices and agreements will need to be arranged with the new entertainer.


The client takes full responsibility of the behaviour of themselves and their guests Invited or not. We will not tolerate any misbehaviour including any different forms of intoxication.

If any Physical, verbal or intimidating actions have occurred the DJ will cease playing until the matter has been resolved. The Purchaser  must resolve any issues within 15 mins ejecting any persons from the event if needed. If it has not been resolved within 15 mins the DJ will end the evening and pack down equipment and leave the premises.

No Refund will be given and full payment must be paid. Our DJ’s have the right to work in a safe environment and our DJ’s deserve the right to be paid for the full amount.


We will not be liable for any injuries that occur due to actions from the Purchaser  or their guests especially intoxication of any form.

Delays If the performance start time is delayed due to circumstances beyond the DJ’s control or the DJ being unable to access the venue or area of set up the Company will not be liable for any refund whatsoever. The function will need to be paid for the full amount owing.The same applies if the agreed performance time is cut short for any reason beyond the Company’s control.


Damages and Theft: 

The Purchaser  will take full responsibility for any damages made to equipment or any property or personal belongs owned by your DJ, during the event if an agreement has not been rectified or compensation has not been made by anything stolen or damaged. The DJ will end the evening pack down equipment and leave the premises. Full payment must be made and no refunds will be given.

This agreement is a binding agreement when you hire Inkredible Sounds for any function or event you have then agreed to the terms and Conditions. We the company will assume you have read the Terms and Conditions before you sign your booking form Contract and paid any deposits. We will not be held accountable if you have not read these terms and conditions but you have signed and ticked that you have read and understood these terms and conditions .

Changes to these terms and conditions will not be changed during your event however changes can be made at anytime without prior warning, through the year or months leading up to your function.


Acts of God

In the unlikely event that Inkredible Sounds is unable to provide the services described in this Agreement on the Wedding/Event Date, Inkredible Sounds shall not be responsible for any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement arising out of or caused, directly or indirectly, by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation, acts of God, earthquakes, fires, floods, wars, civil or military disturbances, sabotage, epidemics, riots, pandemics, interruptions, acts of civil or military authority, or governmental actions.


Please note Inkredible Sounds may use photos taken from The Photo booth and random live events photographs and videos for marketing purposes.


Inkredible Sounds

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Last updated December 30, 2020


What is so special about Inkredible Sounds? Inkredible Sounds is a team of talented individuals that share one common goal. That goal is to rock your event. We believe in going over and beyond to do what it takes to make sure you have a great entertainment experience to remember for a lifetime.

How do we book Inkredible Sounds?

You can call, text, email, or fill out our pricing and availability form. Our booking process is easy.

When is my remaining balance due?

The Monday two weeks before your event. Only schools, universities, and corporate companies can request special terms, but we are not always able to accept the request.

Where are you all located?

Our corporate office is in Dallas, Texas and we have offices and teams members in Tyler, Texas and Austin Texas.

Do my retainer fee goes towards my balance?

Yes! Your retainer fee amount is subtracted from your total quoted price plus tax. For example: If you are required to pay an $300 non refundable retainer fee on a $1000 + tax service. Your remaining balance will be $700 + tax after your retainer fee is paid.

What if I cancel my event after I paid the retainer fee?

Our retainer fee is non refundable and non transferable.

What if I have to Reschedule my event due to unforeseen circumstances?

Contact our Management team as soon as possible to discuss possibly moving your event date. We can not guarantee that your new date will be available due to prior bookings. A non refundable retainer fee will be needed to reserve the new date.

  • In the case of rescheduling due to a government shut down we are waiving the new retainer fee if rescheduled within 6 months of your original wedding date.